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04 Coronavirus COVID 19

Maybe a result in Ian Robertson v Office of Local Government, currently being considered by a Senior Member of NCAT, some updates on Sutherland (there can’t be more can there?) or maybe some news on those wanting a lynching.

While we are pursuing Sutherland to remove their unenforceable four hour limit, instead of the Award obligation for them to provide “time reasonably required”, it sounds like there may be other councils out there trying to impose equally unenforceable limits on hours available. This could be bigger than we think.

It’s narky, miserable, counter-productive to getting control of this pandemic by mass vaccination, driven only by penny-pinching, when everyone should be vigourously encouraging vaccination. If other councils are looking at it, it will do them significant reputational damage as well.

And maybe Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong and Shellharbour might be out of lockdown.

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