How we can help you

As one of the trade unions operating in local government we provide a wide range of services to members - we specialise in providing individual advice and representation in a myriad of specific employment problems.

Specifically, we act for members to contest:

  • changes to leaseback practices and policies
  • removal of variable working day systems or flexible working hour systems
  • unreasonable rejection of applications for leave
  • unreasonable imposition of forcing employees to take leave
  • access to flexible work or part-time work to properly discharge parental and family responsibilities
  • return to normal hours when those parental and family responsibilities change
  • bullying or harassment at work
  • unsafe or unpleasant working conditions
  • unfair treatment in performance reviews and behavioural management
  • the misuse of the Consultative Committee by management
  • unreasonable management of sick leave

but we like to think that we don't just react to the short-sightedness penny-pinching, meanness and vindictiveness common in the industry.  We have a proactive and progressive approach which assumes that it is possible to build satisfying and well-paid work (nearly) everywhere. Read more about what we do...

If you need assistance immediately, have a look at our FAQs which may answer your question or contact us.

Legal Services for depa members

In addition to the assistance we provide in relation to workplace employment issues, we offer a referral for all other legal matters to our solicitors, Bob Whyburn or Carmine Santone at Santone Lawyers. They provide a full range of legal services for depa members and their families at a special rate. Read more about our legal services to members...


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