depaNews Archive 2001-present

Issue 142 - 23 February 2021
  • Office of Local Government hacked by Russians
  • Building Commissioner issues stop-work orders
  • We make Parramatta rethink charging employees with leaseback cars for parking them in council car parks. Again.
  • LGNSW disappoints on standard contracts

Issue 141 - 23 January 2021

  • Welcome to 2021! Going to work? Going to the office?

Issue 140 - 17 December 2020

  • That’s it for us
  • Thank you Margaret, and welcome Lyn
  • 2020 depa awards for the Worst HR in Local Government

Issue 139 - 26 November 2020

  • Councillors behaving badly
  • Transparency vs Confidentiality - a tale of two cities
  • What's Lyall been doing?
  • Resourcing the NSW Building Commissioner
  • Who has the worst HR in local government?

Issue 138 - 20 October 2020

  • depa v Narrabri Shire Council in historic Supreme Court victory
  • Just as well we can play a long game
  • Next month

Issue 137 - 5 August 2020

  • It's the COVIDiots' fault
  • Things weren't quite going that well at Bayside

Issue 136 - 29 June 2020

  • NSW Industrial Relations Commission makes the 2020 Local Government State Award
  • If the NSW Ombudsman comes to your Council to ask you questions, look out...

Issue 135 - 12 May 2020

  • Let the money flow!
  • LG Professionals (sic) to the rescue!
  • "Shoebridge Committee" hands down final report
  • And some good news for old council certifiers
  • The lucky group enjoying fewer constraints under COVID: developers
  • Local Government State Award 2020 - are we there yet?

Issue 134 - 1 April 2020

  • Local Government Poseurs want to stand you down - 
  • COVID-19 update
  • Something to balance all the bad news, we have a new Committee of Management

Issue 133 - 17 February 2020

  • Just as well we can play a long game
  • How are the award negotiations going?
  • Ït will take two years to fix ...
  • "Wake up, we've found a flaw in Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 No. 63
  • Sydney City can't help being nominated for our HR awards
  • Finally, something about us - it's election time

Issue 132 - 17 December 2019

  • Bumper holiday reading - 2019 depa awards for the Worst HR in Local Government
  • And that's it for us this year

Issue 131 - 27 November 2019

  • Premier to announce "the simplest and most effective planning system in Australia"
  • A word about wage theft
  • Local Government Super appoints a new Chief Executive Officer
  • Supreme Court reserves its decision on Narrabri's jurisdictional argument
  • Public Accountability Committee's first report makes 17 recommendations
  • Next month

Issue 130 - 30 October 2019

  • Narrabri GM wants more bloodshed
  • That's not a monumental step, this is a monumental step
  • Uh oh, time to change feet
  • Finally, on the crisis in construction ...
  • Oh no, more ïndependent"LGS directors

Issue 129 - 5 September 2019

  • More good directors sacked - a real bloodbath at Snowy Valleys
  • We start negotiating a new Local Government State Award this month
  • Evidence to the Legislative Council Public Accountability Committee into the regulation of building standards, building quality and building disputes
  • Senior Staff are being invited to respond to some questions about their job security

Issue 128 - 23 July 2019

  • A hapless of Building Ministers announcing bugger all in Sydney

Issue 127 - 27 June 2019

  • Prime Minister announces IR reform - oh no, here we go again
  • A new Minister for Local Government - let's see what we can do about those unfair standard contracts
  • Look out if your Council wants to review your nine day fortnight
  • As high-rise buildings sink or fall apart, NSW Government gets its finger out on the Building Confidence Report

Issue 126 - 25 March 2019

  • Shellharbour shows why you need to be a member of a union
  • And we're in dispute with another Council too
  • Super dispute in the Commission as well
  • NSW election means we'll be bashing our heads against the wall with the Coalition Government

Issue 125 - 28 February 2019

  • We still hate term contracts for senior staff
  • NSW Government doesn't understand why they lost the High Court case
  • We file our first dispute of the year with Snowy Valleys Council

Issue 124 - 21 January 2019

  • "Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer; You'll wish that summer could always be here"
  • Kaldas review released in December
  • Opal Tower fiasco raises opportunity to review everything

Issue 123 - 18 December 2018

  • How's HR been this year?
  • Richmond Valley is the winner
  • What about the High Court challenge?
  • And that's it for 2018, but here's some good advice.

Issue 122 - 28 November 2018

  • Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays depa from the swift completion of depaNews ...
  • High Court to hear union challenge to electoral funding laws next week
  • Speaking of issues of principle, the Government appreciates us, but doesn't want to meet with us
  • How has HR gone this year?

Issue 121 - 25 October 2018

  • Oh no, now the NSW Government has asked whether we think "there is a greater risk for conflicts of interest to arise in private certification work and result in poor certification..."
  • NSW unions challenge NSW Government in the High Court
  • Slowly getting somewhere on "superable salary" dispute

Issue 120 - 28 August 2018

  • No wonder this lot didn't want a Banking Royal Commission
  • "Keep your hands off our super"
  • Don't think banks should be involved in Super?
  • But what do the regulators do?

Issue 119 - 30 July 2018

  • Nick Kaldas to audit corruption risks in New South Wales planning
  • "I need to see you at the gym"
  • Councillors on interview panels

Issue 118 - 27 June 2018

  • Next time you have a disagreement about professional opinion ...
  • The BPB is not just using "intelligence", it has "intelligence cells"

Issue 117 - 28 May 2018

  • Look out the BPB is coming after you
  • We make a submission to ICAC Operation Dasha
  • You've moved house or Council? Don't let it be a secret
  • Farewell Ernie, thanks for everything

Issue 116 - 23 April 2018

  • Former Canterbury demonstrates to ICAC why councillors should be removed from development assessment
  • We may find ourselves in an unusual position
  • Government sends IRC to Parramatta

Issue 115 - 27 March 2018

  • Electoral Commission declares 2018 depa elections

Issue 114 - 26 February 2018

  • Okay, we don't mind a challenge, but...
  • Going down like dominoes at Tweed
  • Some people think they can get away with anything...
  • Government decides to move the IRC out of the Sydney CBD
  • How to not lose your leaseback car
  • 2018 depa elections - lucky Lord Buckethead isn't a member

Issue 113 - 29 January 2018

  • Welcome back

Issue 112 - HR Awards 2017

  • Tweed Shire is the most hazardous workplace for depa members in NSW
  • Well, that's it for us

Issue 111 - 18 December 2017

  • LGNSW CEO Donna Rygate proudly launches their game changer
  • Code of Conduct
  • depa elections next year
  • depaNews HR awards will be out Wednesday or Thursday...

Issue 110 - 23 November 2017

  • LGS agrees it's their responsibility, and they will fix it
  • We still don't know what this thing is
  • Had a look at the Draft Code of Conduct yet?
  • And look out for this...
  • Is that the time?

Issue 109 - 25 October 2017

  • Like getting blood from a stone...
  • And members respond brilliantly
  • What is this thing called, love*?
  • Andrew Spooner resigns as President
  • BPB nails idiots at Griffith City Council

Issue 108 - 28 August 2017

  • Get your own ideas!
  • "Like a dog returning to its vomit..."
  • Look out, the ******** and ******** might be back...
  • Are you okay?

Issue 107 - 26 July 2017

  • Enough is enough - it's time to cut councillors out of development assessment
  • I've got a Deed of Release - lessons to be learned form Amber Harrison

Issue 106 - 19 June 2017

  • We accept LGNSW offer for a new State Award
  • Uh oh, ...
  • Do yourself a favour

Issue 105 - 24 May 2017

  • Nine days to go ...
  • We don't like being gagged and we pull the pin on the EMRG
  • Courts nail clumsy and secretive handling of Council mergers

Issue 104 - 20 April 2017

  • A Tale of Two Cities

Issue 103 - 29 March 2017

  • It's hard not to feel sorry for Gladys
  • LGNSW backflips on decades of cooperation
  • OLG forced to state the bleeding obvious on employment protection
  • Ex-Mayor of Hurstville exits with his tail between his legs
  • Cripes, where was the compassion?

Issue 102 - 15 February 2017

  • Uh oh ...
  • What would Mike Baird have done?
  • Next month ...

Issue 101 - 23 January 2017

  • The sharks are circling

Issue 100 - 19 December 2016

  • Who has the worst HR in local government in 2016?
  • And that's pretty much the end of the year for us...

Issue 99 - 13 December 2016

  • The Ascension marks the death of the historic IRC
  • We give OLG's Employment Reference Group another chance
  • "It's all the fault of bullying union bosses..."
  • Are things going any better at Sydney City with their asbestos contamination?
  • Who has the worst HR in local government this year?

Issue 98 - 29 November 2016

  • Sydney mishandles asbestos contamination in Town Hall House
  • Ignore Henny Penny, there has been progress in State Award negotiations
  • BPB gets their fingers out on what should happen with PINs
  • depa's prestigious HR Awards will be announced next month

Issue 97 - 27 October 2016

  • We stop Government's secret processes in merged councils
  • Government dismantles Industrial Relations Commision
  • Who would have thought! Private certifiers need better regulation ...

Issue 96 - 7 September 2016

  • Sick of politicians? We are ...
  • Get ready, we're about to start negotiating the 2017 State Award
  • Government picks up the pace on dismantling IRC
  • What are "workplace representatives" for on Consultative Committees?

Issue 95 - 25 August 2016

  • Government to dismantle Industrial Relations Commission of NSW

Issue 94 - 11 July 2016

  • "What have the Romans ever done for us?"
  • Mid-western Council receives ICAC report

Issue 93 - June 2016

  • Early elections, bring back local democracy!
  • Senior staff jobs go in amalgamations and the hero is Viv the Vivisector
  • Employment Matters Working Party clarifies the protections under the Act
  • Not so fast, the dilettantes and dabblers are still at it
  • Food Regulation Forum

Issue 92 - May 2016

  • You'd have to be a mug not to join

Issue 91 - April 2016

  • NSW Government announces broad expansion of exempt and complying development
  • LGS launches special holiday arrangements for members
  • Now we can all be miners, NSW Government announces
  • Happy birthday, Mike

Issue 90 - March 2016

  • 2016 depa elections delivers four new brooms
  • PIA NSW did what?

Issue 89 - February 2016

  • Ex Planning Minister attacks extensions to exempt and complying development
  • LGNSW and the three unions meet about IPART recommendation 30 and protecting senior staff
  • "Come on Barry, give me a cuddle"
  • Some great news for Catherine
  • Council Amalgamations provide "a good night out" for old folks
  • 2016 elections for the Committee of Management
  • We extend out legal services to members

Issue 88 - January 2016

  • Fit for the Future
  • We settle our section 106 with Mid-Western
  • Anyone for golf?

Issue 87 - HR Awards 2015

  • Who has the worst HR in local government in 2015?

Issue 86 - December 2015

  • Here comes the knockout punch
  • Councillors behaving badly - bans on at Parramatta
  • Chinese hackers embarrass LGNSW and LGMA
  • IRC survives to be dismantled another day
  • HR awards issue out on Tuesday

Issue 85 - November 2015

  • Time is ticking away
  • But some good news too - use this template if your council wants to give you five years protection against forced redundancy

Issue 84 - October 2015

  • Mixed reception to IPART Report
  • Anyone there?
  • NSW Government to shut down Industrial Relations Commission
  • We file section 106 for the unfair sacking at Mid-Western
  • Something to put a smile on your faces - we may have found local government's dumbest

Issue 83 - September 2015

  • Better than Nostradamus
  • More Councillors behaving badly
  • Mid-Western GM sacks two directors - and one of them was ours
  • In such a hostile world, who wouldn't want a guardian angel?
  • Any action from people we rely upon to properly regulate the industry?
  • And what about one or two good news stories?
  • Tamworth GM drops off on removing the nine day fortnight from existing staff
Issue 82 - August 2015
  • Uh oh, look out!
  • Why is the Office of Local Government protecting Jilly Gibson? Or is the Minister thinking a few moves ahead?
  • Next month …
Issue 81 - July 2015
  • A message to the Minister and the Office of Local Government
  • We drag the dawdlers at Sydney City into the modern world (and watch them waste a good employee)
  • depa's submission to the Legislative Council Local Government Enquiry
  • We hate it when members disappear - and it wastes our time too
  • Has Local Government Super dumped uranium and nuclear yet?

Issue 80 - June 2015

  • Reviewing our rules is much more exciting than watching paint dry


Issue 79 - May 2015

  • Fit for the Future
  • Got the Boss's job at last and don't need us anymore?
  • Tamworth brings in the big guns
  • Old blokes collapse and let Mum keep working part-time
  • Review of the BPB
  • We are updating our rules


Issue 78 - April 2015

  • "New South Wales is open for business" Baird Liberal/Coalition Government commits to dramatic initiatives
  • Government bans the words "bad for the budget"
  • The Government clarifies the sale of Poles and Wires
  • South Africa stripped of World Cup placing
  • John Howard sees silver lining after Malcolm Fraser's death

Issue 77 - March 2015

  • Election Special

Issue 76 - February 2015

  • Tamworth and GM Paul Bennett humiliated in IRC
  • From one GM with poor HR to another ...
  • And now back to the 19th century when mothers knew their place
  • Who wouldn't like to hit a ball into this beautiful lake?
  • NSW election on Saturday 28 March

Issue 75 - January 2015

  • Special: Welcome to 2015 issue, three disputes already this year but we won’t mention  Bankstown
  • How hard is HR? Part 2
  • Don’t forget our commitment to helping councils provide family friendly work
  • Anyone for golf?
  • Fit for the Future, or some other F word?

Issue 74 - December 2014

  • How hard is HR?
  • depa's awards for the Worst HR in Local Government
  • 2014 depa award for the worst HR in local government
  • And that, with great relief, is the end of the year ...

Issue 73 - November 2014

  • NSW Premier seizes all the pencils
  • We don't care about Peter Hurst
  • Confusing messages from LGS
  • Shoalhaven dispute resolved but the council suffers lasting damage
  • depa offers a prize in 2015
  • Anyone for golf?
  • 2014 HR awards to be announced next month

Issue 72 - October 2014


  • Oh no, Local Government Super goes pro-nuclear
  • Sam Byrne is appointed as our new director on the LGS Board
  • Goodby Gough and thanks

Issue 71 - September 2014

  • Less people with pencils and more people digging up roads
  • Local Government Poseurs Association still frightened of the new State Award
  • Apology to Andrew Crakanthorp
  • How's Penrith going?
  • Uh oh, Local Government Super is about to do something really bad

Issue 70 - August 2014

  • Wagga Wagga stumbles with dangerous precedents
  • What's the score at Shoalhaven?
  • What Penrith did next

Issue 69 - July 2014

  • Everyone loves the State Award
  • LGMA Poseurs fail to derail Award
  • It's not just the State Award that is committed to making councils provide family friendly and flexible work
  • What's your council doing about the Award's health and well-being provisions?
  • An early favourite for our 2014 HR Award
  • Shock, horror, more bad news on the quality of private certifiers

Issue 68 - June 2014

  • We have an offer for the 2014 State Award
Issue 67 - May 2014
  • What's happening about the new Award?
  • Government announces Roger Rogerson as a role model as Australians encouraged to work into their 70s
Issue 66 - April 2014
  • Farooq gets Farooqed
  • Barry Farooqs himself
  • Goodbye Don, hello Paul
  • The three last reasons why you would remain a member of AIBS have gone
  • Fearless leaders copy everyone - Local Government Managers becomes Local Government Professionals! (But nothing changes)
Special 1 April 2014 Edition
  • O’Farrell/Christian Democrats deal to reduce smut and innuendo behind removal of BPB’s Neil Cocks and Margaret Hole
  • O’Farrell/Shooters and Fishers deal to cull more ferals
  • Bigot Brandis moves to protect the right to be a bigot
  • Ex HSU officials call for investigation into depa’s finances

Issue 64 - March 2014


  • Election results declared
  • 2014 election provides new blood to the Committee of Management
  • Excited about April Fools’ Day?

Issue 63 - February 2014

  • Has the Government got what it takes to save local government?
  • Uh oh, they're back
  • You don't have to be a member, but what would you do if ...
  • Doing other work? What does your council do about Section 353?
  • Union Picnic Day golf day cancelled this year.
  • We have a new Office Manager starting on Monday 3 March.

Issue 62 - January 2014
  • What’s happened to local government reform?
  • Want to feel as good as Adam?
  • Like to be one of our representatives on the NSW Food Regulation Forum?

Special Issue - Issue 61

  • 2013 depa HR Awards
Issue 60 - December 2013
  • Planning review stalled in the Upper House for three months - what could possibly go wrong now?
Issue 59 - November 2013
  • Don’t tell us, we don’t want to know
  • 2014 State Award negotiations off and running
Issue 58 - October 2013
  • Don’t try this at work
  • Is that the time? 2014 Award discussions to start next month
  • “Robbo departs super … not with a whimper, but a bang”
Issue 57 - September 2013
  • Sack this Council - there is nothing fair about Fairfield Part 2
  • 80 jobs lost at Newcastle as GM takes an axe to the organisation
  • Try not to get sacked over the next three weeks
Issue 56 - August 2013
  • John and Stephen are innocent!
  • Federal Court finds there is an implied term of “confidence and trust” in the employment relationship
  • How not to get sacked
  • We have to make some observations about the Federal election
Issue 54 - July 2013
  • North Sydney presented with depa Cup
  • Looks like an early favourite for our worst HR Award
  • Don't get lost in action
  • The 3.25% July Award increase has put some of you over the journey claim limit
Issue 53 - June 2013
  • Special White Paper issue
  • Yes, in your backyard
  • Will the real Brad Hazzard please stand up
Issue 52 - May 2013
  • Nambucca remarries first wife - after humiliating and expensive divorce
  • Pace of reform agenda picks up
  • “The most beautiful sight in the world is a little child going confidently down the road of life after you have shown him away” – Confucius
  • Do you want your ex to get your super when you die?
Issue 51 - April 2013
  • Ballina goes feral – it’s time to bring back the pineapple cake
  • Hard to choose, clowns or dunces, but it was all the Board’s fault
  • Paid leave for organ transplants
  • Local Government Acts Taskforce - Next month
Issue 50 - March 2013
  • GM and Mayor tell everyone to get Farooqed
Extra Issue - February 2013
  • Look what the BPB dunces want councils to do now!
Issue 49 - February 2013
  • Get a job at Liverpool and get Farooqed
  • Liverpool even makes the BPB look reasonable
  • depa Union Picnic Day Golf Day
Issue 48 - January 2013
  • Jeeze Craig, you’d have to be joking
  • Now, that is something to smile about, Gary!
  • Another GM bites the dust after a dustup with the mayor
  • 2013, time to play golf in our Union Picnic Day Golf Day
  • Don’t forget our journey claim insurance
Special Issue - December 2012
  • 2012 depa HR Awards
Issue 47 - December 2012
  • Anyone can be a Mayor, and look what they can do
  • Amalgamation hysteria: the sky isn’t falling
  • Bring in the clowns, the BPB thinks you can approve applications or certify compliance for members of your family!
  • Your Superannuation Fund is Triple-A Rated
Issue 46 - November 2012
  • How much investigation is enough?
  • Danger danger, warning warning as novices gain control in September elections
  • But wait! There's more.......
Issue 45 - September 2012
  • Dilettantes dabble with your future - Could Destination 2036 get any worse?
  • Hold the phone, how good is the technology the Council supplies you?
  • Welcome Wendy
  • Try not to get sacked over the next three weeks
Issue 44 - August 2012
  • New planning system for NSW all about certainty for developers
  • “’Public nuisance’ evicted from meeting” We’ll have more mayors like this bloke, thanks
  • The latest on workers comp journey claims
  • Some early entries in our "Worst HR in Local Government" annual awards
  • Some clarification on members wanting help with issues that predate their membership
  • And a final word about union membership - is there no limit to what the freeloaders want?
Issue 43 - July 2012
  • Bad news Part 1 Government removes workers comp for home to work travel
  • Bad news Part 2 DLG risks human rights and ILO Convention breaches with proposed new Code of Conduct
  • It's official, urine testing is unacceptable
  • Good news Part 1 State Award varied
  • Good news Part 2 LGS wins Property Council Award for the best sustainable development of an existing building
Issue 42 - June 2012
  • "Appalling" cuts to workers compensation could affect everyone
  • IRC directs Hunter Councils to provide information in Alcohol and Other Drugs dispute
  • Andrew and Jody nominated to the NSW Food Forum
  • Rewarding meeting with BPB - despite loitering
Issue 41 - May 2012
  • NSW Government targets sick and injured workers - Workers Comp Special
Issue 40 - April 2012
  • Random testing finds no evidence of illegal drugs - anti drug zealots now on medication
  • Fair Work Australia rejects urine testing again and sets other important guidelines
Issue 39 - March 2012
  • Happy anniversary, Barry
  • Tsunami of new blood and nothing boring in 2012 depa election results
  • Great opportunity for a female EHO
  • Increases in compulsory super remind us those Coalition politicians still really hate industry super funds
  • Would you buy management consulting from Management Solutions?
Issue 38 - February 2012
  • Like a dog with a bone, Peter Hurst is back
  • Protecting your entitlements Part 1: Wingecaribee
  • Protecting your entitlements Part 2: condition of employment
  • Update on Alcohol and other drugs trials
Issue 37 - January 2012
  • BPB kills off our endless summer by coming to a town near you
  • BPB roadshow starts next month
  • When is an offensive word, not an offensive word?
  • depa Union Picnic Day golf day on again
Issue 36 - December 2011
  • Destination 2036: Government turns a blind eye to local government reform
  • Panel goes gaga trying to separate the hopeless and the nasty judging the 2011 Worst HR Award
  • But wait, there is a happy note from Taree
Issue 35 - November 2011
  • John Skene recruits our 1300th member
  • It's now okay to call someone petite at Canterbury but be careful who you call a ****, a ******* or particularly a ******* ****
  • The chickens come home to roost at Blayney
  • Gosford apologises for their conga line of incompetents
  • LGS continues to lead the way on its sustainable property portfolio
Issue 34 - September 2011
  • Canterbury says "wash your mouth out with soap"
  • Taree unbackable favourites to win 2011 Worst HR in Local Government Award
  • Hold Destination 2036 - we offer a great innovation to Taree and Great Lakes
  • And now for something far, far less ridiculous
Issue 33 - August 2011
  • Destination 2036 demands local government reform over the next four years
  • Government announces review of the EP&A Act
  • Consultation on the Public Health Act Regulations
  • BPB plans to nail the new and aspiring council-accredited employees in 2013
  • Changes made to the Local Government (State) Award
  • Some light relief at Gosford?
Issue 32 - July 2011
  • Bans lifted at Blayney and DLG watches councillors behaving badly
  • depa's submission to the DLG review of the Model Code of Conduct
  • "Well, he's hopeless isn't he? You might as well ask the cat."
  • Canterbury GM presents depa cup
Issue 31 - May 2011
  • Members at Wagga Wagga vindicated as minister rejects calls for a planning administrator
  • Members put ban on services to Deputy Mayor at Blayney
  • FBT changes in Federal Budget will affect council cars
  • Is this the right room for an argument? Here we go again at Taree
Issue 30 - April 2011
  • Pizza man says "I wouldn't bother answering..." (Hurstville)
  • Some progress in Drug and Alcohol dispute (Upper Hunter)
  • Local Government Super wins SuperRatings Infinity Award
  • What will life be like in the new New South Wales?
Issue 29 - March 2011
  • Upper Hunter gets coy about their ineffective testing regime
  • Freeloaders get a free lunch too at Hurtsville
  • The BPB would like us to nominate someone for their TRG
  • Canterbury wins 2011 depa Cup
Issue 28 - February 2011
  • Upper Hunter lets the dogs out (random drug testing)
  • Div of LG wakes up to tell us not to worry
  • BPB reviews conflict-of-interest provisions for council accredited certifiers
Issue 27 - January 2011
  • Peter Hurst could be coming to a town near you!
  • Wagga Wagga dispute returns...
  • LGS wins Sustainable Super Fund of the year
Issue 26 - December 2010
  • Wagga Wagga dispute ends at last
  • The Daily Advertiser gets a kicking from the Press Council
  • Bankstown's denial of family friendly work dispute finally settled
  • The year is over and we're all having a break
  • and Bankstown wins "Worst HR in Local Government Award" again
Issue 25 - November 2010
  • Get a bonus under the new Award
  • Peter Hurst says he will apologise
  • The Daily Advertiser protects the guilty
  • Bernie avoids jail but it's time to go Phillip (private certifiers)
  • No fee increase in 2011 and a big hint about our HR ugliness awards next issue...
Issue 24 - October 2010
  • An offer we can't refuse - new Local Govt (State) award
  • Ten good reasons to accept the offer
Issue 23 - September 2010
  • Commission recommends LGSA agree to our claim on accrediation
Issue 22 - August 2010
  • At last, some proper recognition of a Council's duty of care when employees reputations are attacked
  • Who is Peter Hurst and why is he so unkind? (Wagga Wagga)
  • Members on strike at Taree
  • We stop Parramatta Council charging employees for bringing their leaseback cars to work!
  • BPB rethinks legislative problems and conflict of interest
  • We ask the Division of Local Government to do something!
Issue 21 - July 2010
  • But first... Special report from a meeting with the BPB
  • Progress with accrediting council staff
  • Conflict of interest issues
  • Transitional provisions
  • Fines under the BPB Act 2005
  • The issue of discipline generally
  • Woo hoo, look at LGS returns
Issue 20 - June 2010
  • We have rewarding meeting with BPB
  • NSW government does the right thing on GIPA
  • Progress in State Award negotiations
  • Hackers win depa Cup. And the Mayor presents the Cup
  • We are involved in how many disputes?
  • And is there anyone we would like to have a dispute with?
Issue 19 - May 2010
  • We might not like it, but get accredited now
  • LGS kills off any merger with EIS
  • Consultation on Public Health Bill lumbers on
Issue 18 - April 2010
  • BPB confirms no Council staff will be fined
  • and it looks like council will get the levels of accrediation they ask for...
  • NSW Health starts to get their act together on Public Health Bill consultation
  • State Electoral Office declares new officials and a new Committee of Management
  • Award discussions take off
  • Bullying, bastardry and belligerence at Bankstown (and that's only the B words)
  • TAFE needs Causal Trainers/Assessors for the Diploma Local Government (Environmental Health and Building)
  • Does it get any better than playing golf on a perfect day, celebrating Union Picnic Day, at the depa Golf Day at Blackheath?
  • Apology to Beverley Giegerl and Richard Powis
Issue 17 - March 2010
  • BPB folly to accredit council employees to start today!
  • There's a new Public Health Bill - and it's been a well-kept secret
  • And the Attorney General's Department is not doing a bad job of not telling people what is going on either
  • At last, some movement on the 2010 Local Government (State) Award negotiations
  • 2010 Log of Claims Local Government (State) Award - Part 1
  • USU firms up its opposition to any merger of EIS and LGS - but do we smell a rat?
Issue 15 - February 2010
  • Local Govt (State) Award discussions to start in March
  • BPB Version 3 consultation about to close
  • A reminder about access to industrial tribunals for senior staff
  • No developments (as far as we can tell) on secret superannuation merger plans
  • depa Golf Day on again this year - and not just for golfers
  • Introducing Ben Douglas Robertson
  • BPB releases post version 3 documents
  • UWS responds to complaints about killing off the Environmental Science Course
  • 83 Councils dispute concluded - except for Liverpool
  • Will Local Government Super survive in 2010?
  • Councillors behaving badly
  • Management excellence awards arising from the superannuation dispute held over 2010
Issue 12 - November 27 2009
  • No fee increase in 2010
  • Help you with recruitment
  • BPB still working at avoiding creating the monster
  • What's UWS doing with the environmental health course?
  • Superannuation dispute almost resolved
  • Best practice NSW Industrial Relations Commission to continue for local government employees
  • Councillors behaving badly at Parramatta
  • 2010 Award discussions to start early next year
Issue 11 - October 6 2009
  • Understanding the monster (and some bad news for EHOs)
  • BPB accreditation of council staff
  • UWS looks at dumping Environment and Health degree program next year
Issue 10 - October 2009
  • Accreditation proposals look impossible - but BPB commits not to create a monster
  • Can your Council continue to do what it is doing now, with its existing staff, under these guidelines?
Issue 9 - September 2009
  • Parramatta Councillors discover there is a new Local Government Act
  • Only the really unpleasant councils left in super/TRP dispute
  • Accreditation of council staff: is no news, good news?
  • depa, the LGSA and the USU have met to try to develop a common approach to drug and alcohol policies
Issue 8 - July 2009
  • Shock horror: BPB kills off B1 and B2
  • Two vacancies on the Committee of Management close on Friday 31 July
  • Commission endorses depa’s super/trp campaign that Council should pay the increased compulsory employer contribution - and now more than 100 councils are paying
  • Which is the worst council?
  • Pittwater struggles to get it right and depa fixes a problem for everyone
  • 2009 Health and Building Surveyors Conference Reunion
Issue 7 - June 2009
  • Commission puts brakes on the Belligerent Seven
Issue 6 - May 2009
  • Dispute Filed with 83 Councils
Issue 5 - April 2009
  • Today is the International Day of Mourning
  • Members at Taree show how to do it
  • Food Authority gives the BPB a lesson in consultation
  • Careful what you say on Facebook (or even Twitter)
  • Superannuation and members on contracts or TRPs
  • LGSS attacked over the increase employer contribution
Issue 4 - March 2009
  • LGSS increases "compulsory employer contributions" by 240%
  1. An explanation of the two types of schemes
  2. Who works out how much employers pay?
  3. Wasn't the fund in surplus for years?
  4. What's happened to the surplus?
  5. Everyone goes gaga
  6. How will this affect employees?
  7. Does this mean hard financial times ahead for councils?
  • Update on drug and alcohol policies
  • Bankstown wins depa/LGSS Golf Day again!
  • Is it time to review gradings of positions at your council?
  • Got any councillors behaving badly?
Issue 3 - February 2009
  • But we met with them nevertheless (BPB)
  • Sue and Neil aren't the only ones to keep the guild hostility alive
  • Urgent survey: Any unqualified people out there?
  • BPB CEO Neil Cocks replies
  • And in March, time for something different
Issue 2 - January 2009
  • President Sue Holliday sets the trap
  • Looks like trouble to us
  • Local Government asks for its own consultation
  • The trap is sprung
  • Shame, Sue, Shame
  • Who does the AIBS represent now?
  • What should councils and council staff do now?
Issue 1 - December 2008
  • Our primary task in 2009
  • What, no fee rise in 2009?
  • Welcome to Jim Boyce and welcome back to Andrew Spooner
  • We are closing on Tuesday and wish you the best for Christmas and the New Year
Special Bulletin: Accreditation of council employees
  • The BPB wants to survey "council building certification officers"
  • First things first - don't respond to the survey
  • Why would you accredit council officers?
  • Why do we oppose accreditation of council staff?
  • Some useful links
  • Some unanswered questions about accreditation of council staff
  • Please attend the State-wide BPB workshops
  • And why not wear one of our campaign t-shirts.
Issue 39 - November 2008
  • But what does the BPB really need?
  • Forget Etheridge, Red Hot Rees gives WorkChoices a shellacking?
  • Another fool rushes in - and this time it's a General Manager
  • LGSS terminates contribution holiday
  • DLG and Department of Water and Energy wreak havoc with plumbing inspections
  • A good time to have your money under the bed
Issue 38 - September 2008
  • Etheridge and protection from Federal industrial laws
  • Meanwhile, the fools are rushing in...
  • What does the Building Professionals Amendment Act 2008 mean for councils and council staff?
  • Having a bad day? Things could be worse: you could be Michael Costa or Morris Iemma
Issue 37 - August 2008
  • Federal Court rejects WorkChoices
  • "Fools rush in" competition
Issue 36 - June 2008
  • Bad things always happen in the middle of the night (EP&A)
  • NSW Food Authority gets it right!
  • A new Code of Conduct will affect Council staff
  • Lake Macquarie decides not to proceed with random drug and alcohol testing
  • Some good advice in a bad year for superannuation returns
Issue 35 - April 2008
  • The lunatics have taken over the asylum (BP amendment bill)
  • The fantasy of a level playing field
  • Government proposes accreditation of Council “certifiers” in 2004.
  • And now they do it again in 2008
  • What does the 2008 Exposure Draft Bill do?
  • And there is an exposure draft Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment Bill 2008 too!
  • We make Hornsby rethink its obsession about random drug and alcohol testing
  • Lithgow triumphs at depa Golf Day
Issue 34 - March 2008
  • FOI application flushes out hoax of "public consultation"
  • And the winner is...Part I
  • And the winner is...Part II
  • Hornsby gets gung ho on random drug and alcohol testing
Issue 33 - February 2008
  • Sex Lies and development (ICAC)
  • depa fesses up on our dinner with Frank
  • Some great responses in our "Let me be Frank with you" competition
  • Another great competition for March
  • Committee resolves policy of opposing random drug and alcohol testing
  • Committee of Management elections
  • Sydney Council rediscovers 19 day month
Issue 32 - January 2008
  • A competition for everyone (and not just members) to put a smile on faces in 2008
  • Minister’s office rejects depa’s application under FOI and we file an appeal
  • At a time of stock-market crises, here is some good news about LGSS
  • Good News 1: LGSS nominated as Sustainable Super Fund of the Year
  • Good News 2: Knocking Co 2 off the old office block
  • Good News 3: If you’re interested in sustainability…
  • depa Golf Day 2008: Will Bankstown retain the depa Cup?
Issue 31 - December 2007
  • Howard reproduces 1929 disgrace
  • What does the change of government mean for WorkChoices and NSW local government?
  • Oh no, more stupid proposals on planning reform and we file an FOI application to see the draft bill
  • Oh no, the Department of Local Government stuffs up changes to senior staff contracts (again!)
  • Interested in that the Diploma of Local Government (Health and Building Assessment)?
  • Season’s greetings and a happy New Year
Issue 30 - November 2007
  • Not everyone's cup of tea but Work Choices is here to stay
  • Small business of the year, cripes, how do they keep doing this?
Issue 29 - October 2007
  • Love him or loathe him (2007 Federal election)
  • And what about the Local Government (State) Award?
  • Membership Update
Issue 28 - September 2007
  • "In principle" agreement reached on the new Local Government (State) Award
  • Not a cardigan to be seen
  • Workchoices just keeps looking worse
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing at work.
Issue 27 - August 2007
  • New depths plumbed in unsophisticated debate on industrial relations policy
  • Getting a pay increase in November. Eight frequently asked questions
  • Some councils want non-union members on Consultative Committees - and we don't
Issue 26 - July 2007
  • Part 3A fiasco imminent
  • Independent assessment fiasco next?
  • Private Certifiers fiasco continues
  • Food Authority creates Newcastle fiasco
  • No fairness in Fairfield fiasco
Issue 25 - May/June 2007
  • Everyone now agrees, WorkChoices stinks
  • What's happening with Referral Agreements?
  • And now for something completely different …
  • Something old, something blue …
  • Jody is going on holidays
Issue 24 - March 2007
  • NSW elections - but BIG differences on industrial relations
  • Award discussions get under way
  • Bankstown wins depa cup
  • Going, going, gone. Woods stands down as Chair of LGSS
  • Have you sent your Tax File Number to the LGSS
Issue 23 - Feb 2007
  • Nothing clear about councils and WorkChoices
  • FAQ about WorkChoices
  • It's time to Go Peter, Part III
  • depa Golf Day
Issue 22 - Dec 2006
  • It's time to go Peter, Part II
  • Who gets the AFPC increase
  • Councils continue to sign Referral Agreements
  • What to do if your local irritating HR Manager offers you an AWA
  • What, no fee increases in 2007?
  • Have a fabulous break
  • BONUS: How Not to Get Sacked
Issue 21 - Nov 2006
  • 40,000 March in Sydney
  • High Court decides WorkChoices is constitutional
  • Do we get the Fair Pay Commission pay increase?
  • What would be the smart thing for councils to do now?
  • When will we know if we get the $22.30?
Issue 20 - September 2006
  • More and more councils sign Referral Agreements
  • Beware the Internal Ombudsman
  • Cars,cars and more cars. Arguments about cars, that is
  • BPB crashes into Burwood
  • All disputes settled at Bankstown!
  • It's time to go, Peter
  • Who cares about Garrett v Freeman
  • We welcome two organisations rising from the ashes...
  • Whoops, we thought that Food Authority had it all under control
  • "An Inconvenient Truth"
Issue 19 - July 2006
  • Senior Staff Contracts
  • Cars
  • Superannuation Returns
Issue 18 - May 2006
  • We make Cooma-Monaro apologise to members
  • Avoiding WorkChoices
  • Canterbury does the right thing (at last) to protect their staff
  • .Canterbury introduces smoke-free workplace
  • .What can be done about the shortage of planners?
  • A new Committee of Management for 2005/2006
  • 2006 recruitment campaign announced
  • .Private certifiers give us all a good laugh!
Issue 17 - March 2006
  • WorkChoices starts on Monday 27 March
  • Can NSW Govt save us from WorkChoices
  • What is the BPB up to with council statistics
  • depa Golf Day
Issue 15 - December 2005
  • BPB and Councils
  • Bankstown - 13 prosecutions for Award breaches
  • What should a council do when an employee is assaulted
  • A new competition
  • No fee increase in union fees in 2006
Issue 14 - November 2005
  • What happens to the Award under WorkChoices?
  • Clauses at risk in the Local Government (State) Award
Issue 13 - October 2005
  • What WorkChoices could really mean for you
Issue 12 - August 2005
  • Member's action wins an apology from Nambucca
  • Some new ministers and good riddance to Craig
  • Costa to axe Building Professionals' Board
  • Recruit our 1400th member and get $500
  • What does Section 353 of the Local Government Act mean?
Issue 11 - June 2005
  • Howard Government attacks you at work
  • We win fight for family-friendly work at Bankstown
  • Win in an appointment dispute at Canterbury
  • North Sydney team thrashes everyone at depa golf day
Issue 10 - March 2005
  • Pushing out boundaries and protecting ourselves
  • Play nicely kids or else
  • BPB considers accrediting councils
  • Federal Government attacks Unions
Issue 9 - December 2004
  • Restrictions on term contracts
  • Gosford Triumph
  • Changes to our legal service
  • Delegate training
Issue 8 - September 2004
  • DIPNR under pressure
  • Have you seen our submission
  • We make another helpful suggestion to the BPB!
  • depa proposes amendments to Local Government Act
Issue 7 - July 2004
  • The idea the customer is always right is wrong
  • Gosford heroes on strike for more staff
  • Award gets closer to settlement
  • Who does the AIBS think they are speaking for?
Issue 6 - April 2004
  • Two fresh faces on committee of management
  • We lodge 2004 Log of Claims with LGSA
  • Minister loses her favorite town!
  • Are you working at a "toxic" Council?
Issue 5 - February 2004
  • Expanded complying development - what lies ahead?
  • Committee of Management election in 2004
  • 2004 Award discussions to start soon
  • Development in contracts campaign
Issue 4 - November 2003
  • Task force wants lunatics in charge of asylum
  • IRC Nails Marrickville
  • DIPNA nor Dept of Commerce want to accredit certifiers
  • no fee rise for 2004
Issue 3 - September 2003
  • We challenge the legality of term contracts
  • What does the ICAC think about term employment?
  • Crashing through or crashing on planning reform?
  • Amalgamation pressures continue
  • On a lighter note, anyone for golf?
  • What to do about boofhead councillors?
Issue 2 - July 2003
  • Council Amalgamations
  • Regulate or not regulate senior staff?
  • Craig Knowles is back..
  • Term Contracts
  • Complaints about private certifiers
  • Anyone interested in food survellance?
  • Hello Emma!
Issue 1 - May 2003
  • We are depa and here is another chance to win $500
  • Marrickville pleads guilty
  • A strategic alliance with the Planning Institute of Australia
  • Historic salary dispute is finished
  • Lessons for everyone from the Sydney boundary changes
  • An attitude to inter-union committees
  • Goodbye Moira, Hello Carol
Issue 138 - Feb 2003
  • Everyone loves depa!
  • And the winner is...
  • Committee of management co-opts Graham Gardiner
  • Marrickville heroes launch industrial campaign
  • Another warning about email and internet policies
  • Been temporary for long?
  • LGSS resolves to not appeal supreme court decision
Issue 137 - Dec 2002
  • No fee rise for 2003!
  • More protection in term contacts result from Gosford dispute.
  • We can make Fairfield provide salary sacrifice at no cost
  • Reasonable working hours and RDO's.
  • What's in a name? A choice for members
  • LGSS in Supreme Court
  • Now is a good time to complain about private certifiers
  • Fair Trading to do something about shonky builders
  • Happy Xmas and New Year
Issue 136 - Oct 2002
  • New gradings and 10 more cars at Wollongong set a new standard.
  • We've advertised by can't get anyone.."
  • We still hate term contracts and we're doing something about it.
  • Only union members get Picnic Day
  • Anyone working unreasonable hours?
  • Think you might be redundant?
  • $500 still available!
  • Putting superannuation returns into perspective
Issue 135 - July 2002
  • We make Warringah introduce salary sacrificing for cars.
  • "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet..."
  • Council certifiers to be accredited
  • LGSS has a day in the Supreme Court
  • Freeloaders to be hit with service fees?
  • Freeloaders to miss out on Union Picnic Day?
  • Ehabsa and the AIBS
  • But he also said this about council certifiers..
Issue 134 - May 2002
  • Shock news: Government sets up inquiry into private certification!
  • The AIBS says you all want to be accredited, can this be true?
  • LGSS about to have it's day in court
  • Election results declared
  • We love planners
Issue 133 - March 2002
  • Private cars under threat
  • Restructuring and the spilling of positions
  • Term contract successfully opposed at Quanbeyan
  • All office holders and COM positions up for grabs!
  • Pay your fees annually?
  • Salary sacrifice available from 1 April
  • Private certification hits the fan
Issue 132 - Nov 2001
  • New Award made on 1 November
  • Having problems with salary packaging?
  • Triumph at Eurobodalla on the nine-day fortnight
  • Fees for 2002. We'd love to reduce the fees and you can help!
  • What's happening about the LGSS surplus?
  • People who make our lives difficult.
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