Electoral Commission declares 2018 depa elections

Aren’t we lucky we don’t live in Gotham City.  While many of us have probably seen equally evil candidates having a run for federal, state or particularly, local government spots, we never quite get down to the kind of threats the Joker made standing as Governor*.  Still, vote for me or I’ll kill you is a nice change from jobs and growth.

But we’re all civilised people and when depa has an election, just conducted by the State Electoral Commission, things are much more polite and far less threatening.

At midday today nominations closed and the Electoral Commission has just declared elected all candidates who nominated for the ten vacancies.  Here is the Electoral Commission's Declaration of Poll. Eight of the current officers of the union (as they are described in the Industrial Relations Act) stood for election, so there were two vacancies to fill.

Elections are held every two years for the position of President, the two positions of Vice President and six members of the Committee of Management and every four years for the position of Secretary.  This year was the four yearly cycle so I’m pretty excited to be elected for four more years of pursuing the tyrants, the bullies and those who don’t do the right thing by our members.  Thank you all.

President Jo Doheny was elected unopposed.  Jo had been appointed by the Committee of Management to fill the casual vacancy created by Andrew Spooner’s resignation back in October and now is elected in her own right.  In her nomination, Jo wants to increase our membership and maintain good management practices and said “the union has demonstrated a history of sound advocacy for the members that I will seek to continue in a professional manner and a further the objectives of the union.”  Jo is Senior Strategic Contributions Planner at Central Coast Council and long-standing delegate and member of the Consultative Committee.

The current Vice Presidents, Joanne Dunkerley and Jamie loader nominated and were re-elected.  Joanne wants to “ensure the continued growth and success of the Association” and Jamie is “extremely proud of the role that depa plays within the industrial framework of Local Government and our reputation, whilst hard-earned, speaks for itself.  If we are involved, there is a fight to be fought”.  Joanne is an Urban Planner at Newcastle City and Jamie is Unit Manager Environment and Certification at Central Coast.

Four current members of the Committee of Management were re-elected to those positions:

Steven Cook continues his strong connection to regional New South Wales and wants to “continue to help contribute to the strategic operation of the union and achieving positive outcomes for the benefit of the whole membership.  Having lived with cancer for the past five years, I also believe that I bring a unique insight to the Committee, as an individual balancing a serious medical condition with full-time work.”  Steven is Senior Town Planner at Wagga Wagga Wagga City, our delegate and Chair of the Consultative Committee.

Vince Galletto has a “deep conviction in preserving the rights and benefits of all local government employees and fines great purpose in the role of committee member of depa as a keeps me up to date with all the current industrial issues and challenges that face local government and further provides with the ability to participate and represent my fellow members and all award negotiations.”  Vince is the Acting Manager Assessment at City of Ryde and the Chair of the Consultative Committee.

Renah Givney has been involved in a huge restructure and the negotiation of an enterprise agreement and wants to continue “to see firsthand the important role that depa plays in supporting members in the workplace and providing constructive and effective input into the local government industry.” Renah is a Senior Development Assessment Officer at Coffs Harbour City and our delegate.

Brendan Hayes, like Vince with more than 30 years as a depa member, wants “to be part of a leadership group that strives for workplaces that are fair, appropriate and reasonable and reflect this in its policy development and approach and dealings with all industrial matters.”  Brendan is Director - Environmental Services at Weddin Shire and a long-serving delegate and member of consultative committees. He is also the President of EDAP.

The two vacant positions as members of the Committee have been filled by (in alphabetical order) Andrew Magee and Shona Porter.

Andrew MacGee

Andrew MacGee says depa “is the voice of environmental health, building and town planning staff in councils throughout New South Wales and performs an invaluable service for those staff as it keeps management honest and operating in accordance with the Award”.  He is “keen to assist in ensuring that the Association remains a vital and relevant force into the future for the benefit of all members - current and upcoming”.  Andrew is Coordinator Planning Engagement at Campbelltown City, has been our delegate for more than a decade and is Chair of the Consultative Committee.

Shona Porter

Shona says “depa provides value for members in providing professional and capable advice and would like to be elected on the committee to increase my knowledge of employment related issues so that I can better represent my fellow colleagues/depa members.”  Shona is a Senior Planner at Canterbury-Bankstown Council (previously at the former Canterbury, when she first became our delegate) and is another member who has had vigorous experience of the merger process.

You can see the full policy statements of all the candidates here.

The new Committee takes office from 1 May 2018 and will be a great combination of experience and enthusiasm to guide and manage depa for the next two years.

*The unconventional slogan embraced by the Joker was featured in DC comics “Some Enchanted Evening” in July 2005.  And, as you always when all you really want is an interesting picture, you end up with some bizarre trivia. It was this issue where it was revealed that Batman’s costume is not only fully insulated, “the costume is likewise equipped with a durable codpiece for protection against embarrassing low-blows”. Keep that in mind for the next pub or school trivia night.

Clearly, this issue of depaNews has something for everyone.

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