Cripes, where was the compassion?

It was at the start and now at the finish.

If you’re about to go on parental leave, if you know someone who is about to go on parental leave, or if you’re just feeling amorous enough to get home tonight and do something that might mean parental leave would be relevant for you in the future, please remember to let us know*.

If you let us know we will continue your membership for free.  That means you continue to receive the benefits of membership while you are on parental leave and we do this because we have had far too many members needing help to arrange suitable flexible or part-time arrangements for their return to work.  Too many of our women members discover that the Council isn’t quite as helpful as they could be about a part-time return to work and we will act for you even though you not paying your fees.

How about that!

*Just to be clear, please only let us know that you might need parental leave in the future, not that you’re feeling amorous today.

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