Government dismantles Industrial Relations Commission

Heavenly chorus waiting ...

It was always going to be a sad day if the integrated Industrial Court and Industrial Relations Commission were torn apart and that happened on 12 October when the Industrial Relations Amendment (Industrial Court) Bill passed both through both houses of the NSW Parliament.

While it seems likely that early December will see the ascension of the President of the IRC the Hon Justice Michael Walton to the Supreme Court we know that his ascension will be accompanied by a heavenly chorus and the sort of welcome he deserves.

No appointment has been made yet to the newly created position of Senior Commissioner, who will preside over the other four members of the remainders of the IRC, so if the President is ascending in five or so weeks, they had better hurry up.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s 130-year-old fig trees planted to commemorate the Anzacs, or Federation houses to make way for WestConnex, or a more than a century old venerable and esteemed institution, there is just something the Premier doesn’t like about the start of the 20th century.

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