We hate it when members disappear – and it wastes our time too

We like to run a pretty tight ship in the depa office that we spend a lot of time chasing members who disappear and go to another Council or just disappear generally or go off on parental leave. We know that when women are about to give birth, one of the last things they would be thinking about would be contacting the union to put their membership on hold. But we have an arrangement where women on parental leave can put their membership on hold until a return to work because we have found a large percentage of members doing this need help on their return to ensure suitable part-time working arrangements.

We have strict rules about unfinancial members and the main reason that members become unfinancial is that they leave to take parental leave and payroll deductions stop.

We would be eternally grateful and would save a lot of time if you could please let us know if:

  • you are going on maternity leave/parental leave and would like to put your membership on hold
  • you have returned from maternity leave/parental leave and are resuming payroll deductions 
  • you are moving to another Council
  • you are leaving the industry entirely.

Please don’t disappear on us.

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