O’Farrell/Shooters and Fishers deal to cull more ferals

Premier O’Farrell today announced an extension of the current licenced shooters programme to cull feral animals in National Parks to allow licenced shooters to cull feral demonstrators demonstrating against the Government in Macquarie Street.

“I agree with the Prime Minister’s observation about the important conservation role performed by those who chop down trees, particularly old growth forests, and shooters who take life are similarly conscious of the need to conserve it,” the Premier said.

In the deal announced between the Government and the Legislative Council crossbenchers it was recognised that demonstrations against planning reform, where members of the Legislative Council from the Shooters and Fishers Party had been prominent, would be exempted from the cull.

“We are trying to slash and burn within the public sector and demonstrations against cuts and public sector pay policy will be a priority. This is really just being more proactive and effective”, the Premier said.

It’s in the Minister’s office but nothing’s happening. It has been:

since the Government and the Minister were appointed on 5 April 2023. We are still waiting for the legislative changes required.

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