Gosford apologises for their conga line of incompetents

It might have been lame, it was invariably pathetic, it was a little bit shameful and it had to be squeezed out of them, but Gosford has provided a written apology to our member involved in the hapless investigation by the Council’s conga line of incompetents carried out earlier this year. We reported on it in August.

The letter from the Acting General Manager noted that he wanted to "extend an apology to you for a number of shortcomings associated with this matter" and begrudgingly "acknowledge that the investigation took place over an extended period of time." Well durr.

Why is it so hard for people who stuff something up to acknowledge it, apologise and get on with it?

The recommendations that were made by the President of the IRC have all been adopted by the Council. The Council has agreed to undertake a review of its investigation procedures and "the draft amended documents will be forwarded to all parties to review and comment prior to the review being finalised".

The council also agreed to consult with the unions about training arising from their concern that they didn't think any of our members have any idea at all about the legislation under which they enter properties.

The bans imposed by our members on participating in any investigation by the Council’s Performance Management Auditor (sic) remain. We expect there has been no performance management carried out on anyone in the conga line. Someone or everyone, should have got a good kicking for their role in this fiasco.

The council’s advice was conveyed in a letter dated 13 September, now more than nine weeks ago.

We’ll let you know in the December issue if we have received a draft. We have set the clock on them.


It has been

since Gosford council agreed to undertake a review of its investigation procedures and forward a draft for comment.  We're still waiting.


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