Government announces Roger Rogerson as a role model as Australians encouraged to work into their 70s

Treasurer Joe Hockey has been talking up the “inevitability” of an increase in the retirement age all year. The Government in the recent budget endorsed proposals that will see Australians working until the age of 70 before there are eligible for the age pension.

Prior to the election the Treasurer said people should “work as long as they can” and ridiculed responses that there were many jobs were so physically demanding and debilitating that this would be impossible.

"The Government’s appointment of Rogerson as a role model for ageing Australians illustrates that no one should be written off at the age of 73. Roger is an inspiration to many of us”, Treasurer Hockey said. “An active life, never hurt anyone”.

Winking distractedly, the PM observed it was a bit like fighting fires. Sometimes you had to smash a door down.

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