December is the last month of the year, and that can only mean one thing


Maybe it has something to do with living through a pandemic, focusing on trying to manage appropriate distancing amongst staff, rotating employees through working from home and from the office, then everyone working from home and now developing policies to require everyone to be vaccinated, but it hasn’t been a bad year.

Looking back over the last decade and a bit, we’ve seen Bankstown win in 2010, Greater Taree in 2011, Lismore in 2012, Fairfield in 2013, Shoalhaven int 2014 and 2015, Campbelltown in 2016, Tweed Shire in 2017, Richmond Valley in 2018, Narrabri in 2019 and Sutherland last year.

One Council has had forty employees resign since 2019, directors and managers included, and have a real problem with workplace culture, claims of bullying and workers compensation, so they seem keen to get another award. Another has had nine industrial disputes filed against them in the last twelve months (including one by us) when they’d be unlucky to have one or two a year, and all while the person in charge of HR was off on parental leave, and they had a temp filling in!

 Who knows who else has been out there going hard for this prestigious acknowledgement?

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