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2014 election provides new blood to the Committee of Management

The Electoral Commission of NSW has just announced the successful election of ten candidates for the ten vacant positions on the Committee of Management.

How good is this? Seven members of the current Committee stood for re-election and have been returned and will be joined by three fresh and enthusiastic new members. That’s a good balance.

Elections are held every two years and the Electoral Commission has declared Andrew Spooner elected as President, Jo Doheny and Jamie Loader as Vice Presidents and six members of the Committee of Management - three from the previous Committee, Jim Boyce, Joanne Dunkerley and Les Green and three new members, Vince Galletto, Rachael Jenner and Paul Reynolds.

And me, of course, for another four years. Four is ordinary, I said in my policy statement I’d have another 30.

The election provides a transfusion of blood into the Committee (maybe the Keith Richards analogy is more accurate than we think) and perfectly supplements the experience and long-standing of the current members. While none of those who’ve been around for a while believe we are waning in our enthusiasm or commitment, it’s good to have new people on asking fresh questions and wondering why, or why not.

It also continues our three women representatives which, with seven blokes, is a good reflection of the gender breakup of our membership.

Candidates for election are required under our rules to provide a policy statement of up to 200 words so that voters are informed about what people have to offer and can cast their votes accordingly. But, if there is no election, members don’t get to see the things that candidates believed important to present to the electorate.

You can use this link to see the policy statements of the ten candidates.

Andrew, Jamie, Jim and Les have all been trained as health and building surveyors. Andrew is the Sustainable City and Environment Manager at Campbelltown, Jamie is the Manager Building Certification Compliance and Health at Wyong, Jim is ex-Taree and Hurstville and looking and Les allegedly retired last year but now has a 12 months gig at Bankstown as their Swimming Pool Compliance Officer.

Jo is Senior Landuse Planner in Integrated Planning at Gosford and Joanne was trained as a health and building surveyor, qualified as a planner and is now Strategic Land use Planner at Great Lakes Council.

Of the three new members, Vince Galletto has a health and building background and is Team Leader - Building and Development Advisory Service at Ryde, Rachael and Paul both have health and building backgrounds, Rachael is an EHO at Ballina and Paul is Specialist Support EHO at Camden.


Vince Galletto


Rachael Jenner


Paul Reynolds

The members of the new Committee will take office from 1 May and the first meeting will be on 12 May.

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